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The Accelerator is a 100-day online educational program for high-aspiring henna artists who want to build a profitable business doing what they love.

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To provide each participant with the most exceptional experience, there are limited seats in the Accelerator program.

Enrollment for the Spring 2020 session opens soon. Please visit the link below to join the waitlist.

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It's important that only the right people are participant to the program.
If you have any questions that are not addressed above, please don't hesitate to reach out to Chelsea at [email protected] to schedule a fitting call to explore if you are a good fit.

Included with Purchase

Business Foundations
Set the stage for your success and lay the groundwork for your business because the best gift that you can give your business is a solid foundation
Chelsea Stevenson
Finding the Right Clients
Identify who you want to work with and discover where and how to connect with them so that you can be super clear on your brand’s message
Chelsea Stevenson
Brand Building
Curate your brand's visual aesthetic and write a brand story that your clients will love — and that feels authentic to you and in alignment with your values
Chelsea Stevenson
Website Development
Build a beautiful, high-converting website designed to turn browsers into bookings without any headaches or hassles — no coding or web building skills required
Chelsea Stevenson
Content Marketing
Develop a strategic content marketing plan to stay connected with your audience and attract new clients without taking up all of your time or wondering what to
Chelsea Stevenson
Brand Positioning
Set yourself apart in your local market by establishing your business as the obvious best fit for your clients regardless of what the competition is doing
Chelsea Stevenson
Defining Your Services
Define your complete service suite and price your offerings to showcase your value so that you can make more money without working yourself into the ground in t
Chelsea Stevenson
Back Office Operations
Streamline your workflow, organize your processes, and systematize your business for maximum productivity to protect your most valuable asset — your time
Chelsea Stevenson
Your Client Experience
Create a standout customer experience that transforms clients into raving fans, repeat visitors, and fresh referrals for you to rinse and repeat your process
Chelsea Stevenson
Complete Henna Contract + Business Bundle
All of the Ready-to-Use and Easy-to-Customize Templates You Need to Get Started
Chelsea Stevenson
Copywriting for Your Website
Chelsea Stevenson

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